Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sept.4, 2011

Well I figured I should start a Blog about my 1972 VW Transporter and my dealings with the repairs. I'm normally into my Baja Bugs, so this will be my first time playing with a bus and a Type IV engine.
I picked up BlueBus last year in the Sacramento area. I found it on The Samba and the guy was looking to trade a Baja Bug for it. So I towed one of my baja's (1974 Standard 2332w/single IDF) up to Sacramento and did the swap.

This is how she looked when I brought her home. Missing middle seat, but otherwise complete. Stock 1700 engine with dual Dellorto's (nice bonus). Also the front windshield was shattered :( The body is pretty rust free minus the battery tray.
She was moved into the garage shortly after coming home, and the engine was removed.

The engine was in pretty bad shape. Here you see how bad the dirt,rats nest,squirell crap and lord knows what else really was.

This is actually a spare engine I purchased, another 1700. Over the past year I have been slowly dissasmbling, cleaning, gathering parts to put this engine in the bus. It's been awhile but i'm starting to get in gear again as far as this build goes. Please understand I have a couple of other projects to deal with as well, but as the progress continues I will keep posting. I'll add more later to catch you up to where I am now.