Monday, April 7, 2014

Long overdue Update.

WOW! Has it been a year already?!?!

I'll do a quick catch up. In October we decided to move from Mojave, CA to Lancaster, CA mainly due to my wife's and my commute everyday to work. 

I tried loading all my VW parts into the Bus and drive it to the new place (about 30 miles), but my dry rotted tires gave up the ghost about 5 miles down the freeway.

After getting a little situated in the new house I decided to sell my incorrect type 1 engine to a fellow VW guy to get his Single Cab on the road, plus to motivate me to get my type 4 complete. Here it is on the way out.

While the engine was out I decided to fix the worst of the rust.

The battery tray was a horrible fit, but with a little persuasion was able to get it in there and welded into place.

Around the end of December the engine was finished up

and installed

Added some eyebrows. Once I took the picture, my wife came out and said "She looks Toasted"
So now she finally has a name... Toaster!

I have done a little more work as we go... first was new seals and hoses all over the engine.

Replaced front pads, wire wheeled the surface rust off the rotors and cleaned the calipers.

Also put new rear shocks on (KYB Gas-A-Just)

After all that she was given a good bath (her first one since ownership!)

Been driving the heck out if as well! First trip was to my mom's house. She lives about 150 miles away.
Toaster's first trip!!

That was really a shakedown run. The real test was "Meet in the Middle" in the hills of beautiful Solvang,CA
which is about 3 hours away from my home.

First day we drove up to El Capitan State Beach for a little camping

The next morning we rolled to the Park where Meet in the Middle was being held.

Heading home we seen this barn by the park and took advantage of the photo op

I still have a few things I need to iron out. Rear brakes are first, then mabey I'll start replacing the door and window rubber. Toaster is a bunch of fun to drive and brings conversation everywhere I go. I have been asked if it's for sale a few times, but she ain't going anywhere ;)